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Sydney, October 27, 2013

Sydney’s No. 1 Health & Wellness Expo – that sounds just right for a Sunday afternoon, specifically for someone who is totally head over heels with this subject. With a dear Singaporean friend of mine, I set out to explore the updated world of health & wellness.

What would you expect from such an expo? Aroma therapy? Natural bath and body products? Organic food & drinks? Well, that’s a no brainer! What I am blown away by is a new business opportunity in this trendy sector, spiritual solution. Mind you! I’ve made it up. Bet no one likes to be labelled as providing a “spiritual solution”. “Helping one get back in touch with one’s spiritual self” is probably a better marketing approach.

After all, what can one do to get back in touch with one’s spiritual self? 2/3 of the booths are totally set up just to cater to the lost souls. Need a glimpse to your past or a sneak peak to the future? Try the various styles of reading! The traditional palm reading, the Arabian-night crystal ball reading, the new-age psychic reading, or the avant-garde colorful wax reading…. If you determine to focus on the present, however, here’s the deal. Check out your aura with an auro image camera, heal your soul with quantum vortex energy (!?!) or simply embrace the energy from your dedicated healers. I gotta warn you though. Everything comes with a cost. And it’s any where from 25 to 75 dollars per session from 15 to 45 minutes. My favourite? Karma clearing, $25 for 15 minutes. What a bargain! For all the sins that I’ve committed over the years, I wouldn’t even think twice! Would you?

I am a beginner when it comes to the spiritual journey. One thing I know, however, is that one could never find oneself by looking outward for solutions. It is, after all, an inward journey that costs no more than courage….

Hang on! The colorful feathers look pretty cool! I may need them for the next charity ball.

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