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A Beautiful Note


Casa, June 20, 2013

It’s our last day today. The three friendly Tunisians are heading home tomorrow while I am staying over another day to explore Casablanca. Voilà! It’s been 5 days on the road. The once strangers have become good friends. Isn’t it that amazing how we are all connected while living in totally different parts of the world!

French cuisine it is. To Tunisians and Moroccans, French is wired in their system and French cuisine obviously is the preferred choice for any celebration. That explains why all the haute couture bakery cafes in Casa have been thriving among the upcoming middle class in this fast-paced country. That’s where we have our farewell dinner, Le Relais de Paris.

French offerings with a refined touch, rough Moroccan wine with some personality, the once strangers toast to friendship. The night evolves around world arts, music, movies, philosophy, which to my Tunisian friends pretty unusual topics. These days, people tend to discuss opportunities, real estate, hot destinations, and cool fashion. It certainly does not stop there! As the night deepens into the murmurs of the Atlantic ocean, a hot debate is brought out into the open. “What is the purpose of life?”

Different religions, different views. Different backgrounds, different views. Different age groups, different views. Yet we end the night on a beautiful note. We may travel to life’s different destinations. We do, however, share the same journey, a journey from the hearts….

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