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Calligraphy at Jonker Walk, Melaka

Calligraphy at Jonker Walk, Melaka

At times we get all upset about life being unfair, that some are better off and we haven’t got what we deserve… As I walked along Jonker Walk one night, I couldn’t help but staring at an average-looking lady, both hands and forearms cut off, yet tying a brush around her right-hand elbow with a wristband, writing Chinese calligraphy. With special interest in Chinese calligraphy, I decided to take a closer look. It turned out that she was writing calligraphy for a living and you could choose to make a donation as soon as you get your requested calligraphy sorted out. As I approached the table, she asked me for my full name. Curious enough, I wrote down my full name and passed it on to her. She took out a nice A4 piece of paper with flower decor along the borders and started writing what I found out later a 4-verse poem with each word in my full name as the starting word of each verse. To my dismay, it was a beautifully written poem reflecting the meaning of my Chinese name. I was speechless. Such talent! Such life! The poem is now framed and finds its place in my study as a precious gift from life….

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