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Melaka Zoo, April 28, 2013

The Outdoor Zoo

April 28 is just another summer day at Melaka zoo, except that it is a long weekend and people are eagerly taking time out to entertain themselves. To Leo the Lion, today sooner or later shall become yesterday. How much longer can one entertain oneself?

It’s scorching hot. Leo lies motionless with half an eye open. One after another, couples and groups, walk past his cell. Some look without seeing. Some look just for the sake of looking. Some do not even bother. If at all more fascinating, some snap numerous photos just to post on facebook. Even worse, some shake their heads feeling all sorry for the trapped, old, worn-out lion being deprived of its basic animal rights. One thing is common and crystal clear. No one is here, now. All Leo can see are faces of anger, anxiety, misery, fear, loss, and confusion.

“What a zoo out there!”, Leo thinks to himself. “It’s not a bad idea staying in-door, inside this peaceful island of mine”.

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