Tokyo Warmth, May 07, 2013

Coming from the chaotic, hustle bustle cities of Melaka and Saigon, it’s been 12 hours since I landed in Tokyo and yet I have not seemed to get used to such organized-to-the-teeth environment here. What an efficient society! Everything is carefully thought out. Everyone plays their parts. Infrastructures are well-built. “What difference does it make?”, you ask. Man-made cities all start to look the same to me. But people never do! Not once have I been disappointed in the last 12 hours with anyone I get in contact with. The customs officer smiles and crackes jokes. How unusual! all the taxi drivers are so polite, so honorable in their manner. The hotel staff are so dedicated to deliver the best service from their heart. The traffic police is so kind and walks me across the street. The security guard at Suntory Art Museum kindly makes sure I got to the right hotel. All are so polite, so humble, and so warm-hearted. Is this for real? Forget all the political bullshits. When it comes down to normal people and normal lives, this is where I feel at home. Don’t know whether the next few days will change my perception of Japan but for now, to me, it is the “Land of the Kind-Hearted”.

It is chilly in Tokyo with the left-over of winter wind but it is warmth that keep me walking tonight….


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