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Airport Reflection


Antaturk International Airport, June 15, 2013

It’s never fun taking a long overnight flight especially when one arrives at 5:30AM and yet having to wait for another flight to catch. At least I feel a lot better now that I can breathe after having been suffocated for the last 10 hours on the plane by the boldest & most confronting fragrance of eau de toilette coming from my next door neighbor.

I guess sensual attraction works differently in different parts of the world but is definitely based on the universal foundation that we human beings forever long for others’ care and attention. That explains why we spend much time making sure we always look our best be it with the clothing, the make-up, the accessories, the fragrances, or the hairstyles…. What is there, however, behind that shiny & gorgeous packaging? Do people really care?

In a world where packaging plays such an important part, it is no doubt challenging to bank on one’s inner values to make things work. What lasts in the long run, however, is definitely not that shiny & gorgeous can of emptiness!!!

Breathing and smiling, I board my next flight to Tunis….

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