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December The Sixth


Singapore, December 6, 2013

After a few hard-working days and a long flight from Sydney, Bak Kuh Teh with a good friend on a lane way in Singapore is sheer perfect. Outside it’s drizzling. Inside it’s steaming & peppery. Just a classic!

Amidst it all comes the message….

“I’m missing dinner with you tonight. Exactly 12 months ago we had dinner.”

“Wow you certainly remember the date.”


12 months ago today, we caught up in Sydney before I flew out. I could recall his smiling eyes when he said “I think I’m OK.”

Some of us learn to compartmentalize our life experiences as a coping measure. So could he…. And so he had been, locking away ghosts of the by-gone era just to be spooked once in a while, each single time sinking himself in deep depression.

For a few years, we had been working this all out, together….

“I think I’m OK.”

As simple as that, and it made me cry….

We went on talking about embracing life even further by helping others around us…. It was December The Sixth, one year ago today….

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