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Galaxy of Dreams


Dalat, February 22, 2014

Eyes of curiosity follow as I walk across sparkles of soft morning rays into the classroom. Somehow, Dalat manages to mesmerize this passionate visitor with its shadowy eyes of pride and its sobbing silence as the neverland of memories….

Have you ever felt eyes of a million souls softly land on your heart? As I seat myself down amongst these speech & hearing-impaired kids today, my heart sinks into a giant melting pot filled with unselfish love of a million lifetimes. Colors dance to a valse symphony as they brush rainbows of love onto innocent white canvases. Here, in 20 square meters of free spirit, space and time turn irrelevant…. Forced boundaries of race, posession, and fame slip through the velvet strokes as colors of hope twinkle on a galaxy of dreams.

At times, I’ve wondered how one captures the dark side of a weep or the shadow of loneliness. Right here, right now, wondering all drifts away on a river of no return. Looking through glittering eyes of loving kindness, one learns how to paint happiness in shades of simplicity….

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