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Half-naked Beijing


Beijing, July 12, 2013

Leaving the hazy city of Jinan, we board the 7AM flight to Beijing, the notoriously polluted tier 1 city of China. Unlike any other cities, Beijing has been developing at a lightning rate. No where else have I seen the city extending up to 6 ring roads. The norm is 3, though Chengdu has expressed a good sense of humour when developing ring road 2.5.

Having heard about the unbearable pollution of Beijing on the news which sees expat families flock out of the city for health reasons, I do walk out into Beijing with some reservations. Well, it is polluted, alright? I could kinda feel it, but coming from Jinan, it seems like a huge improvement to me, so no complaint, really. The only thing that’s bugging me is the heat and the extreme humidity. Oh well, it is July and one cannot change a thing about the weather. The question is “Can one change a habit?”

7PM; at a local BBQ beer garden, a group of 30ish guys sit around with 2 cases of beer under the table; tops off. It must be the weather….

6PM; Wusi Road; 3 tri-cycle riders sit on the pavement; gobbling down the cold beer; half-naked. It definitely is the weather….

10AM; Costa Coffee; Oriental Plaza; a 50ish man sitting down sipping his coffee; T-shirt pulled half-way up showing his beer tummy; right hand constantly rubbing the tummy in total satisfaction. It is obviously not the weather….

Have fun staying half-naked, Beijing!

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