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My Saigon


Saigon, May 24, 2013

Chaos! Organized chaos so it is called. Hundreds of thousands of motorbikes buzz around in a noisy background of bicyles, tri-cycles, cars, people, animals, stuff…. Yes you’ve heard it right, animal and stuff! Every 5 minutes you could catch a glimpse of a motorbike or a bicyle covered in “stuff”, anything from plastic and bamboo homewares to doors, windows, tables, chairs, gigantic glass panels, and even toilet seats….

Dust, noises, smoke, horns, and the constant pressure of going somewhere make this place a perfect spot for meditation practitioners, those in search for the highest level of accomplishment. Isn’t that right? Peace and tranquility can be found in the most chaotic condition, because it can only be found from within….

As I groove around the streets of Saigon, smiling eyes live on….

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