The Pursuit of Happiness


Heathrow Airport, September 08, 2013

At times, one’s chosen path must be walked alone….

It’s the hustle bustle London airport, and yes I am waiting for my next flight out to Florence, it all sounds like the making of a fabulous vacation ahead, at least to most. Little would be known why I am here. Little would be understood why I’m here. The whole world rushes by, leaving my tiny self on suspension mode….

I have a purpose in life, and I am walking on my chosen path, little by little, day by day, nothing spoken, little understood….

“Lonely the path you have chosen…”, I told my brother Patrick as he quit his most admired day job as a regional team leader to pursue his ever-lasting dream to become an artist. “I don’t know if I would one day become an artist. It doesn’t matter. I am following my heart.” Well-said, Patrick! When dollars and cents stop making its mark in one’s life, when revelation surfaces from the thick layers of delussional fame, possession, desires, and greed, such decisions become obvious. Poor Patrick! The obvious is too hard to be seen. Just like his sis, he is walking the lonely path. At times, knowledge is acquired through silence. At times, understanding is naturally absorbed through the absence of thoughts.

At times, one’s chosen path is to be walked alone. Walk on, Patrick! Knowing that your sis is waiting right around the corner….

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