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The Most Glorious Adventure


Saigon, June 11, 2013

Most often I got asked which country, which city, and at times which journey pops out as my top favourite. What to say? The cities start looking alike. The sceneries stay on as great memories. The people all tend to become good friends. What then is THE ONE?

I know for sure what one of my most favourite movies is though, Journey to the Center of the Earth, released 2008, directed by Eric Brevig based on the same novel written by Jules Verne. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to be on such a journey to explore the very core of what creating our perceived everyday phenomena? Some people call me a dreamer. I never seem to work very well with today’s practical world….

2009, Year of the Ox, the dreamer finally took on that marvelous journey to the very core, though it’s not to the center of the Earth as Brendan Fraser may have wished. It is, after all, the once-in-a-lifetime journey to the very core of her heart and soul.

“How do we find that intact core, unpolluted by the ugliness of life, uncorrupted by compromise, not weighed down by worry, nor weakened by fear?”

There is obviously no one formula for the whole wild world. This dreamer was lucky to have packed some simple tools for her journey; honesty, an open mind, and the zest for change.

Rough is the descriptive nature of the trip! Waiting patiently on the other side, however, is the transcient beauty of simplicity where one happily traverses space and time with seed of mindfulness, and towards fruit of the unknown. It is, by far, the most glorious adventure….

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