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The New Age Religion


Nanjing, July 05, 2013

Leaving Guangzhou in the Lafite setting, we board the 10AM China Southern Airlines flight for our next meeting in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Ming Dynasty. The Dynasty was actually founded here, throwing over 150 years of Mongolian domination and lasted for an impressive 300-year period.

As usual, the flight is delayed for 40 minutes, which, to me, is exceptionally reasonable. What’s new? I’ve never been fortunate enough to board a plane on time in China for the last 2 years any way. I am happy , therefore, to line up even when the check-in guy yells out the boarding order with an annoyingly loud voice. As usual, people step on to each other fighting for a cabin space. People elbow through the aisle in search for that non-refundable seat they have paid in full with their hard-earned money. The whole demeaner depicts an absolute fear of losing out on some self-worthy benefits. I’ve learned to make quick moves to avoid invasions into my own personal space in China. Either that or I have to quickly learn to use some four-letter word.

All betls buckled, plane taxiying towards the run-way as my mind wanders about the schedule for Nanjing. Suddenly we stop, and without any announcement, everything stands still. No one seems surprised. No one wants to know what the issue is. Some sleeping, some reading newspapers, it is as though life is carried on as normal no matter what. In a way, that’s pretty cool….

An hour passes by. The lady behind starts getting uneasy and calls for a stewardess to check on departure time.

“We don’t know. Please stay where you are until further notice” replies the stewardess.

It is then that the lady gets all ticked off. She yells cross the whole cabin with probably the most threatening voice she could ever employ in a worthy fight.

“You people, you are too used to ordering others what to do. I am all sick of this.”

As she goes on, juices and water get served. Thanks, granny!

2 hours later, we take off and stay up in the air for another half an hour circling around at the other end before landing. We arrive in Nanjing at 4 PM on a gloomy, miserable, rainy evening. China, as one travels across its amazing ancient treasures, is simply found to be the perfect place for real-life meditation. Every encounter, every activity here does call for an enormous amount of patience and forgiveness. After all, isn’t that what all religions on earth are out to teach us? Hang on! if you are looking for something more tangible & fashionable, welcome to the New Age Religion of China!

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